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Partners for a lead-safe future

The New England Lead Coordinating Committee (NELCC) is a regional consortium of state and tribal agencies that are working to eliminate lead poisoning, especially in children. NELCC develops regional projects and promotes the exchange of information, ideas, materials, and programs among its member agencies, federal agencies, and other organizations working to eliminate lead poisoning throughout New England.

NELCC is administered by the Healthy Environments for Children Initiative at the University of Connecticut. It is sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1.

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Click below for child-friendly information about lead poisoning from the University of Connecticut's Healthy Environments for Children Initiative in the Department of Extension.

Henry and Fred


Click below to view an animated video entitled How Mother Bear Taught the Children about Lead.

Henry and Fred

This video, based on a book of the same title, teaches Native American and other children in grades 3-6 to identify the dangers associated with lead. It explains that lead is a poisonous substance that can make children sick. It helps children to recognize the sources of lead dangers in their environments, especially the most common sources: the dust and flakes from old, lead-based paint. It also notes other sources of lead: fishing sinkers, shotgun pellets, water from old lead pipes, and soil contaminated by leaded gasoline. Finally, it teaches children simple ways they can protect themselves and their younger siblings from lead dangers.

Click to view part 1.

Click to view part 2.

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National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week October 19-25, 2014

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